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The ride

What is CityHitcher?

CityHitcher is your ride-sharing app for short distances. With just a few clicks you can enter your ride, whether as a driver or a passenger. You can either advertise completely spontaneous rides or planned rides in advance.
The app automatically finds the best combinations of drivers and passengers in real time and sets the meeting point. Google Maps navigates you to the meeting point and the destination. Payment is made conveniently in the app.
Carpooling makes it possible to drastically reduce car traffic and CO2 emissions, and fewer parking spaces are needed. In addition, you can share the travel costs and thus travel together sustainably, comfortably and cheaply!


What's new about CityHitcher?

Unlike other rideshare brokers, CityHitcher brings people together at short notice, even for short distances. You don't have to search through a list of drivers or worry about the meeting point, the app takes care of all that for you.
Unlike car sharing, scooter sharing & Co., we don't add more vehicles to city traffic, but ensure that there are fewer cars on the road overall.

What are the advantages of CityHitcher for passengers?

If you leave your own car behind and ride in someone else's instead, you're making a big contribution to climate protection: by sharing a car, both of your carbon footprints are immediately cut in half. And not only that, you're actively helping to reduce the number of cars on the road, which means less traffic jams. In addition, you share the travel costs and the annoying search for a parking space is completely eliminated. And on top of that, you have nice company during the ride - a nice change from the same old radio program.

If you normally travel by public transport or even by bike or on foot, CityHitcher is a convenient and fast alternative. You are guaranteed a seat, stay dry and get to your destination without stress and without changing trains. No more crowded trains and buses and no more "running after the bus".

What are the advantages of CityHitcher for drivers?

As a driver, you can share your travel costs and save a lot of money. At the same time, you make a big contribution to environmental protection without any effort, because you halve your CO2 footprint and ensure less traffic on the roads. And by the way, you can also get to know nice people from your neighborhood. Together, driving through the city and even standing in traffic jams is just that little bit nicer, isn't it?
By the way, you remain completely flexible, because you can enter your journey spontaneously and don't have to take any detours. Not to mention the endless Karma points!

When and where can I start using the app?

At the moment we are still busy preparing CityHitcher. From the beginning of July, the app will finally be available.
You can use the app everywhere in Germany, but we will focus on our test areas at the beginning, namely the central districts of Berlin and the technology park Adlershof in the south of Berlin. Here we want to find as many early adopters as possible to test the app and show that the concept works. Of course, you can offer and search for rides on any route, but please don't be disappointed if you don't find a driver or passenger right away.

Everything about the registration

What is the registration process?

Download the app, open it and click on "Register new". Then follow the registration process. After confirming your mobile number and email address, a short tutorial will start in which we will introduce you to the app's functions using screenshots.

What data do I have to provide?

To use CItyHitcher you need to create a user account. For this we ask for the following data: First name, last name, email address, date of birth, gender, cell phone number, profile picture. The profile picture is optional, but please keep in mind that your chances of getting a match are much higher if the proposed driver or passenger can get a picture of you. Also at the moment of the meeting it is of course very helpful if you can recognize each other.

Why do you need my date of birth?

Currently, only people who are over 18 years old can use our app.

Why do I have to provide and confirm my cell phone number?

When you start or offer a ride, your match should be able to reach you to announce possible delays or to arrange a new meeting point.

The App 

How does the app work?

As soon as you offer a ride as a driver or look for a ride as a passenger, our intelligent algorithm starts searching the database of rides previously entered by other users for a ride for you. If we find a match, the ride is first suggested to the passenger. Only if the passenger accepts the ride, it will be suggested to the driver. On the map you can see the route and the suggested entry and exit point. In the ride details, which can be folded out at the bottom of the screen, you can see when you have to start or walk, when you meet, how long you will ride together and when the passenger gets off again.
If both have accepted the ride, you have a match! The app will show you all the information you need to meet at the suggested time and place. If something goes wrong, you can also call each other. However, you should only use this option if it is absolutely necessary, so as not to bother the other user unnecessarily.

Can I change my personal details and info about my vehicle?

Click on your profile picture in the menu (left side). In the "Personal" tab you can update your personal data, view your ratings from past rides, change your password or delete your account.
In the tab "Vehicle" you can enter or change your vehicle data.
"Places" allows you to save different addresses (home, work and favorites) so that you can enter your ride faster and easier for recurring destinations.

What can I find under "Settings" and how can I increase my chances of getting a match?

Open the menu (the button at the top left with the three bars) and click on the "Settings" item. Under "my settings" you can enter how much detour you want to take when driving. Please keep in mind that you can cover a much larger radius with just a 5 minute detour and thus significantly increase your chances of finding a match. The matching algorithm always tries to get the riders to the riders so they don't have to make detours. However, if this does not fit, the algorithm also checks whether the riders can collect the passengers with a detour within their tolerance.

You can also set how flexible you are with the departure time. For example, if you want to leave at 9:00, but 9:30 would be fine, then enter 30 minutes here. We will then look for rides where you have to leave (or walk as a passenger) between 9:00 and 9:30. This can be set separately for driving and riding.
For ride-alongs you can also choose how long you are willing to walk.

Of course, we always try to find a match for you, where you start at your desired time and get to your destination as fast as possible. This means that even if you specify a greater flexibility, we will still give you the "best" match first. However, the more flexibility you give the algorithm, the better the chances of getting a match.

In the "Payment" tab you can enter your credit card (if you want a ride) or your account details if you offer a ride.


Ratings should help you decide if you want to accept a ride with your proposed match. More information can be found below in the section "After the ride".

Search ride and get match

How do I offer a ride?

You must be logged in to do this. Then select the "Drive" tab on the start screen. Now enter your start and destination and click on "confirm". Then enter the number of seats available (maximum 3 possible) and your departure time. If it is your first trip, you have to create a vehicle. Please enter the following data: Car manufacturer, car model, car color, license plate, year of production and upload a picture of your car. This information will help your fellow drivers to find you faster on the road.
By clicking on the button "Offer this ride" we will start the search and let you know as soon as we have found a match.

How do I search for a ride?

To do this, you must first be logged in. On the start screen, select the tab "Ride along". Now enter your starting point and destination. If you click in the address field, a new window will open where you can type in an address, select a location you have saved or select one of the last locations.
As soon as you click on "Confirm", enter the required number of seats (maximum 3) and your departure time. If you make a trip regularly, e.g. every day during the week to work or every Tuesday to sports, then check the box "Offer trip regularly". Now an input field will open where you can select the time and days of the week. We recommend you use this option so you don't have to re-enter your rides every day. Even if we don't find a match for you a few times, your ride request will remain active and as soon as there is a driver on your route, you will be notified.

By clicking on the "Find a driver" button, the app will start the search and let you know as soon as we have found a match.

Can I find a ride for more than one person?

Yes, anyone registered with CityHitcher can search for a ride for themselves and other passengers. When you enter a ride, you can select how many seats you need under "Ride info". Of course, you will only find a ride if the driver has offered the appropriate number of seats. Keep in mind that many drivers offer only two or maximum three seats. Therefore, if you look for more than two seats, your chances of finding a ride decrease.
You can't book a ride for someone else if you don't ride yourself.  

Can I enter a trip both as a driver and as a passenger?

Yes, you are welcome to do that. For example, if you normally drive, but would rather ride with someone else instead, enter your ride to ride first. If we can't offer you a match right away and you're willing to drive yourself, just enter them to drive as well. As soon as you get a match either as a driver or as a passenger, you should of course cancel the other ride. This will increase your overall chances of getting a match. 

How long do I have to wait to get a match?

It depends... If you are looking for a ride and a rider has already offered a similar route, then you will get the match suggested immediately. If you offer a ride and there are already possible riders, then the ride will be suggested to the riders first. As soon as someone has accepted the ride, you will be shown as the rider.

If there are no offers or requests for your route yet, you have to wait and keep your fingers crossed...
We recommend that you enter your planned trips as early as possible in the app to increase the chances of a match. Please read the section "What can I find under "Settings" and how can I increase my chances of finding a match?

I do not receive a match, what to do?

Plan your trips as early as possible. You can simply keep your offer or request activated in the app. If your start time is in the past, the trip will automatically be removed from the system. Also, read the "What can I find under the "Settings" section above and how can I increase my chances of getting a match?" section above.

Can I choose who I ride with?

Our philosophy is that carpooling with CityHitcher should be as easy, fast and uncomplicated as possible. Also, CityHitcher is not meant to be a dating platform... Our algorithm always suggests the "best match", i.e. the carpool that will get you to your destination the fastest (from your desired departure date). If you don't like a suggested match, you can of course reject it. However, if there are no alternative matches, you cannot go back to the first suggestion and have to wait if someone else enters a ride on your route. If you are unlucky, you will not get a ride.
If you made a mistake and rejected the ride by mistake or simply changed your mind, feel free to contact our customer service. We will then try to unlock the rejected ride for you again.  

The ride

As a driver, do I have to take detours?

Our intelligent matching algorithm always tries to get the passengers to the riders so that they do not have to make detours. However, if this does not fit in time, it also checks if the riders can collect the passengers with a detour within their tolerance. You can enter this tolerance in the menu under "Settings". Keep in mind that the more flexible you are, the better your chances of finding a match. 

What happens if I can't find my driver or passenger?

The app shows you the location of the other person about 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the meeting. Of course, this only works if both of you have enabled location sharing in the app. There can also be delays in the location transmission or the place is so busy that you do not discover each other in the crowd. Of course, it can also happen that someone arrives too late or not at all. In these cases, you should call each other to clarify the situation. If you don't reach the person, you can always cancel the trip.

What happens if I, as a driver, cannot stop at the proposed location?

The meeting points suggested in the app are locations that are easy for both sides to reach from their starting point. However, the app does not know the exact conditions on site, the traffic situation or the existence of no-stopping zones. So it may happen that you see each other, but the driver cannot stop. In this case you have to agree by hand signal or by phone where you can meet. Of course, you must not violate the traffic regulations and in no case endanger your safety or that of other road users.

The interaction with each other

Be nice to each other! :D
CityHitcher is an app where both sides help each other and benefit from each other at the same time. Therefore, we would like to point out again that a nice, friendly and respectful interaction with each other is very important to us. Even if the shoe pinches or something doesn't quite go according to plan. And remember: The drivers are not cab drivers, but take the passengers voluntarily and for a small fee. So please do not expect a "door-to-door service" or similar.

On the subject of conversation in the car: There are of course no fixed rules. If you don't feel like small talk, it's best to say so right at the beginning of the trip. And if your fellow passenger wishes to do so, please respect that. We are sure that there is always something to talk about, but sometimes it is known that "talk is silver, silence is gold". Therefore we recommend to see how your fellow traveler reacts.


How much does it cost to use the app?

You can download and use the app completely free of charge. Offering and searching for rides is also free of charge. Costs arise for you as a passenger only when we have found a ride for you and the trip actually takes place. As a driver there are no costs for you.

How much does it cost to ride?

As a passenger, you pay 0.25 € per km for journeys up to 10 km, if you are traveling alone. In any case, a ride always costs at least 1.25 €, even if the distance is less than 5 km. If you are traveling with one or more other persons, it is 0,40 € per km, minimum 2,00 € per trip. For trips longer than 10 km, the cost per km is reduced as listed below. This means that even for longer journeys, the costs always remain very favorable compared to the train (of course, this is not always true at the moment with the 9-Euro-Ticket...) and are about the same as the usual costs for other long-distance carpooling services.

What does the driver get?

For short distances up to 10 km, you as a driver will receive a contribution of up to 0.20 € per km with a passenger. You will always receive at least 1,00 € per trip. With two or more passengers you will receive up to 0,30 € per km, at least 1,50 €. For distances over 10 km the price per kilometer is reduced for the passengers and therefore also the cost sharing for you, see table below.
Here it is important that you as a driver may not make a profit, otherwise the trip could fall under the Passenger Transportation Act and be considered commercial and therefore prohibited. Therefore, you may only share your actual travel costs and must continue to pay your own share. Since the travel costs are individual for each car, the above mentioned cost shares are only a suggestion and at the same time an upper limit. You are responsible for determining the operating costs you incur (minus your own share) per km and must enter these in the app in your profile under "Vehicle". The cost sharing we suggest should be reasonable in most cases, but unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for it.

If you use a company vehicle, please make sure that your employer allows you to bring other people along. Also, find out if there are any tax consequences to sharing your rides.

Why are the travel costs specified by CityHitcher?

We want the use of the app to be as straightforward as possible for everyone. So you shouldn't waste time thinking about what would be a fair or reasonable price (except, of course, to avoid having the ride share exceed the actual cost of operating the vehicle, thus making a profit for the drivers). We have created a pricing structure that we believe is fair to both parties. We want to make it worthwhile for drivers to give rides to others, and at the same time make the cost of rides competitive with the cost of public transportation.

What does CityHitcher get for the mediation and why?

CityHitcher receives the difference between the travel costs of the passengers and the cost sharing for the driver as a commission for the travel arrangement. The commission is variable and depends on the length of the trip, the number of passengers and the maximum cost sharing per km set by the driver. It is usually 20% of the fare. In case of longer trips it will be lower, in case of more passengers or lower maximum cost sharing it can be higher.
The commission is necessary because we incur costs for every ride we arrange. In particular, we pay for the use of Google Maps, the online payment, the servers and various other software services. In addition, we, the founders and employees of CityHitcher, have to earn our bread somehow, so that we can continue to offer you this service.
In the future, we plan to donate any additional revenue we generate when riders reduce the maximum cost sharing to CO2 saving measures - e.g. via Atmosfair. We will integrate this feature as soon as possible. Currently, we use this revenue to do marketing to make the app better known, bring more users to the platform and thus increase the number of possible matches. So to improve the service and reliability for you guys.
We think that we offer a fair solution and ask you here from the bottom of our hearts that you do not try to circumvent the commission by making arrangements over the phone (which, by the way, is also prohibited by the TOS). This would ultimately lead to the fact that we can no longer offer you our service.

When do I have to pay as a passenger?

You can press the "pay" button in the app while you are still on the road. The outstanding amount will then be debited from your credit card.

When do I have to give my credit card as a passenger?

After your first ride you will be asked to enter your payment details (credit card details).


MANGOPAY is our payment service provider, which we use to process both the debit of the travel costs from the passengers and for the payment of the travel costs for the drivers.

Why do I have to enter my IBAN as a driver?

We need your IBAN to transfer the travel allowance you are entitled to after each trip. 

When do I get my money as a driver?

Once you have entered your bank details, the payout will be instructed shortly after the completed trip. It usually takes only a few business days for the money to arrive in your account.

Why do I have to enter my credit card details as a passenger?

We pay for our rides entirely online via the app. So far, only the credit card has been integrated as a means of payment for passengers. We are working on integrating other online payment methods. 

When do I have to pay as a passenger?

When do I have to pay as a passenger? If you have a bonus credit that covers the fare for your trip, you don't have to pay anything. Otherwise you have to enter your credit card details when booking the ride. At this moment, however, nothing will be charged to your card. Only when the ride actually takes place and the driver has confirmed that you have boarded, you have to confirm the payment by pressing the "Pay" button before the ride ends. 

Can I also pay cash?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, the payment of the rides runs completely online via the app by credit card. If you want to use CityHitcher but don't have a credit card, please contact our customer service. We will try to find another solution for you.

Can I also pay with Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay or other online payment services?

So far you can only pay with credit card at CityHitcher. We are working on integrating other online payment methods. If you want to use CityHitcher but don't have a credit card, please contact our customer service. We will try to find another solution for you.

After the ride

I forgot something in the car or something was left in the car with me!

If you spoke to the person on the phone before you left, just call them again directly - the number is stored in your phone's history. If this is not the case, contact us as soon as possible by e-mail at "hello@cityhitcher.com" and we will help you get back in touch with the person:

Why should I submit a review?

A review can help future riders or passengers decide if they want to ride with this person. Pay attention to a factual expression in the evaluations. Name-calling, insults or similar things have no place here! If you were satisfied with the ride, please give at least 4, gladly also 5 stars. You should only give a lower rating if something really went wrong and you would not recommend other users to ride with this person. Just because the person was perhaps not so likeable, was a bit taciturn or made a bad joke, you should not immediately punish them with a rating of less than 4 stars.

Who will see the rating?

Your rating is only visible to people to whom we suggest you as a match. So nobody can search for other users or see them in a list.

I received a bad review - what can I do?

A bad rating can of course hurt, but it is not immediately dramatic. Use it as constructive criticism and maybe try next time to pay more attention to what was said.
You can of course contact us at any time if you think that you have received a negative rating wrongly or if it does not comply with our rules (see terms and conditions).


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