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The spontaneous carpooling app for short distances

Can you imagine that...

...taken together, all car drivers in Germany cover a total distance of 1.5 billion km every day? That's five times to the sun and back! On average, only 1.5 persons travel in each car! Only Berlin drives to the moon and back 30 times a day! Sounds crazy, doesn´t it?

And it gets even worse: Berlin drivers lose 154 hours of their precious lives in traffic jams every year! One week per year. We think this is just madness!

It could be so simple: Just hop on board someone else´s car- traffic jams, pollutant emissions and of course fuel costs are reduced immediately! So far, this was only possible on long distances... But now there is:

Sustainable. Cost Saving. Convenient. Shared.

This is how it works:

1. Enter your trip

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, you can enter your ride with just a few clicks. As soon as you have entered your destination, your trip is in the system.

2. Find the best match

The app automatically finds the most suitable driver or passenger on your route. Check out the other person´s profile and rating. You decide whether you want to accept the ride.

3. Save money

CityHitcher navigates both driver and passenger straight to the pick-up point. Enjoy the ride together and share the costs.

You ask yourself:

Why should I share my car with someone else?

Save money while driving. You get at least 0,20€ per kilometer

Move comfortably by car and still reduce CO2 emissions.

Meet great people and help them get to their destination comfortably.

Help reduce congestion on the roads.

Let's revolutionize urban mobility together!

Sign up now for free and get 5€ credit* from us!

You ask yourself:

What´s my benefit of hitching a ride?

Leave your car at home and still get comfortably through the city - without searching for a parking space!

Inconvenient public transport connection? Trains are not running? Don´t worry! Hitch a ride and reach your destination fast and comfortably.

Enjoy a safe and reliable service, much cheaper than a taxi

You actively help reducing traffic and making mobility more sustainable.

We will go live soon! Secure 5€ of initial credit now!

Just sign up, secure your 5€ and start hitching in May 2022. That´s how easy it is!