About CityHitcher

Our motivation

All car drivers in Germany cover a total distance of 1.5 billion km every day! That's five times to the sun and back! On average, only 1.5 persons travel in each car! The effects are obvious and they are discussed daily in the media: CO2 emissions, air pollution (NOx and particulate matter), diesel driving bans, traffic jams....

There are many approaches to solving these urban mobility problems, including the expansion of public transportation, electric vehicles, etc. Yet there is one solution that could be implemented immediately and does not require billions of dollars of investment in infrastructure development: More people in every car!

Our vision is to make better use of the cars that are driving around in our cities and revolutionize urban mobility!

The idea

Founder and CEO Finn Runkel had the idea for CityHitcher many years ago. We´ve all been there: You run to the bus stop and just when you arrive, you see the bus leaving. Or you have to stand for 20 minutes in a completely overcrowded subway. Or you´re only a few kilometers from where you want to go, but because of an unfavorable bus connection the trip takes 30 minutes, while it would be only 10 minutes by car.
Finn often had these situations in his hometown Hamburg. Many times he ran after the departing bus... Only to wait twenty minutes for the next bus while seeing dozens of cars every minute with only one passenger heading in his direction.

In 2019, Finn finally took the plunge and founded CityHitcher. Why now of all times? Because more and more people want to do their bit for the protection of the environment, but sometimes they just don't have the means. Carpooling is so simple, we can all live more sustainably and still travel comfortably. 

Who are we?

Finn, CEO

Solar engineer and world saver

Mirko, CTO

Full Stack Developer with founder gene

Clemens, CMO

Marketing all-rounder with hands-on mentality

We are live!!
Download the app now and start hitching!

We are live!!
Download the app now and start hitching!